This reminds me of an old IYFA post...who doesn't love the video remix! I mean it's the logical thing to do, right?


DJing tonight...

MJ Cole, let the decks do the talking...

Why is my name at the bottom? Gonna have to have words with Henry.
Maybe only really famous people can get away with that 'real name' thing.


dynamic models

I received this email today, click on the picture so you can actually read it...
As flattered as I am to be put in touch with up and coming model agencies I'm not sure how quickly I'll be saving Dynamic Models number to my phone.

It's funny how my name is in a different colour, in fact nearly every line seems to have been cut and pasted from about twenty others...

Check out their website though - 'Essence Models'... Their news coverage section is TBA. Oh well.