if only...

..this were real, I'd check it so often. Would be best twitter EVER!



This reminds me of an old IYFA post...who doesn't love the video remix! I mean it's the logical thing to do, right?


DJing tonight...

MJ Cole, let the decks do the talking...

Why is my name at the bottom? Gonna have to have words with Henry.
Maybe only really famous people can get away with that 'real name' thing.


dynamic models

I received this email today, click on the picture so you can actually read it...
As flattered as I am to be put in touch with up and coming model agencies I'm not sure how quickly I'll be saving Dynamic Models number to my phone.

It's funny how my name is in a different colour, in fact nearly every line seems to have been cut and pasted from about twenty others...

Check out their website though - 'Essence Models'... Their news coverage section is TBA. Oh well.



big boy tea

big drink...
feeling hungry? peckish? Or KEBABISH?
Coming to the Doncaster Dome!

open air cinema, Park Hill Flats...

In Sheffield no one can hear you scream...


nyc bits and pieces

cause for celebration...

too much drink


essential cleansing.

deadly dragon, deadly selection

big questions posed...


levi roots on the telly

This is pretty good, despite Levi's slightly uneasy presenting style and the overbearing way the producers have raided the BBC archive of calypso and lover's rock just to drive home the point that it really is Caribbean food he is making...

Caribbean cookery series in which passionate food enthusiast Levi Roots travels around Jamaica and across the UK showing how to bring sunshine flavours to your kitchen.

Levi tempts shoppers in Glasgow with an aromatic pineapple dessert, takes to the seas to show Mull fishermen how to dub up their catch, and lays on the ultimate Caribbean cricket tea for two teams of hungry Yorkshire men.

BBC2 - caribbean food made easy

this friday

new york

blooodclaaart snow leopard has mashed up my computer!!!!
this is where the photos should be!!!